Our goal is to create a project for tenants to enjoy, but also a space the entire neighborhood will feel drawn to. We believe that mixed-use is a wonderful vehicle to bring people together when designed and built with community as the driving source of inspiration. We are constantly searching for like minded service, retail, office and residential tenants to join us on our mission to bring neighborhoods together.

The success of our company is achieved through diligent hands-on management. We work with some of the best designers and tradesmen in Spokane to ensure the long term value of our properties. 

Selkirk Development has a unique focus on bold style and purposeful space. Our common areas serve as gathering point of collaboration, social energy, and shared interests.

As we consider each project, we seek to pay homage to the original architecture and construction of a building. Existing structures are complimented with finishes, layouts and amenities designed for the modern tenant.

Many of our projects have Historical Designation. "Historic Funk" best describes Selkirk Development's commitment to respecting the craftsmanship of the past while evolving structures into gathering places for the modern era.

Our buildings have stories to tell. Write the next chapter.