Welcome to Spokane's North Bank Neighborhood.

In addition to being a rapidly growing city, Spokane's North Bank features over $140M in planned and recent investments along the Spokane RiverĀ in the heart of the city.

Summer 2019


Papillon Towers site located just north of the river, east of the Spokane Arena.

Fall 2019


Spokane Artist, Ben Joyce, was commissioned for a vibrant mural to adorn the existing Papillon Bldg.

Papillon Fund featuring Opportunity Zone tax benefits, launched in October 2019 for capital investments.

November 2019_Papillon Park Bldg

Winter 2019-2020

December 2019_Papillon Towers to N  December 2019_Papillon Towers to S

Papillon Towers site view to north (upper left), and south (upper right).

January: Public Facilities Department began readying the Regional Sportsplex site (lower left).

February: North Bank activity increases with the Children's Discovery Park construction start (lower right).

January 2020_Papillon Site  February 2020_Papillon Site view NE

Spring 2020

March 20, 2020_view SW

Papillon Pk render  Papillon Towers render

Mar 27, 2020_North Bank Construction

Apr 17, 2020_North Bank site view S

Apr 24, 2020_Cataldo Alley pre-utilities  Apr 29, 2020_Cataldo Alley utility

Cataldo: the section of road between Papillon South and Papillon North. Street vacation was accomplished in November 2019.

The future Cataldo Alley will be a pedestrian thoroughfair complete with lighting, seating, market vendors, artwork, and retail or restaurant fronts.

Cataldo Alley perspective render

May 4, 2020_North Bank Construction

NorthBank Constr view N  Cataldo Alley Utility Progress

May 15, 2020 Continued progress at the North Bank for utility install, Regional Sportsplex, Spokane Parks additions and rennovations.