Welcome to the Selkirk Development Small Business Accelerator (SBA)

The SBA accelerates high potential small businesses and expedites the development process of opening physical locations in rare properties.

Does your startup or expansion need acceleration?

The process is simple. Submit an accelerator contact form. We will contact you back for an opportunity to pitch us your startup or expansion.

If your business is worth pursuing we accept it into the Small Business Accelerator.

The Selkirk Development Small Business Accelerator is a program that provides access to mentorship, potential investment and other support that fosters independence and success.

The accelerated businesses are guided through the design process for their new physical location that meets the goals of both the tenant and Selkirk Development.

The SBA serves to aid new business creation and the success of Selkirk Development.

The SBA Team

Amy Dolomont

Amy Dolomont is a multifaceted creative. She is a graduate of Leslie College who combines a fierce work ethic with a profound eye for detail.

Amy was the regional visual director for The Bon Marche. She has created and sold lines of jewelry to high end boutiques as well as Anthropologie.

She is currently partners in Ace of Spades Farm, The Lookout Gift Shop and Fern Plant Shop. She also designs and makes Aquila Jewelry.

She is thrilled to work with new businesses to ensure the fit and finish to any project.

Alex Ekins

Alex Ekins is a fourth generation Spokanite. He is a graduate of Western Washington University with passion for ecological design, lean process and small business.

Alex thrives in the energetic space of bootstrapping startup companies. He is currently partners in Ace of Spades Farm, The Lookout Gift Shop and Fern Plant Shop.

Alex is excited about developing new businesses and designing their bold new spaces.

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