Papillon Fund is a single-property syndicated real estate investment opportunity. The Papillon Towers development is located in Spokane, WA's North Bank Neighborhood. 

The integrated, shovel-ready project will boast a mid-rise tower, a high-rise tower, a parking podium, and encompass nearly 300,000 sq ft offered for mixed-use.

Leave your legacy now, as part of this community changing project already under way. See preferred returns much quicker than most other Opportunity Zone investments. 

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The Papillon development is one of the last remaining rare and undeveloped private properties in Spokane's North Bank neighborhood.

The greater Spokane area has substantial unmet demand for modern office (Class A), retail, hospitality, and event spaces; significantly in mixed-use configurations like the Papillon Towers.

Papillon Towers holds a unique position with proximity to other significant public venues and amenities:

  • Spokane Veterans Memorial Arena
  • North Bank Discovery Playground, Skate pad, Basketball courts (opening 2020)
  • Spokane Regional Sportsplex (opening 2021)
  • Newly renovated 100-acre Riverfront Park at the heart of Spokane
  • First Interstate Center for the Arts
  • Kendall Yards 78-acre Urban Neighborhood

Over $140 million of planned and recent public investment in neighboring properties; allowing investor access to a desirable investment in a rapidly growing neighborhood.

We offer the best space, in the best community, to the best tenants!  WE RAISE THE BAR.

At A Glance

  • Located in Spokane, WA - North Bank Neighborhood

  • 6-Story Mid-Rise

    12-Story High-Rise with Parking Podium

  • Projection of 17.55% IRR; 2.45x Equity Multiple

  • December 15, 2019: Officially accepting funds

  • $40 Million Fund Size


Tradition and great pride
Apr 06 2020

Sharing a courtyard with Selkirk's Papillon Towers, the Spokane Sportsplex is currently under construction and will offer so much to the City. This is just one reason we love Spokane! Click to see why.

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Renovations Underway
Jan 12 2020

Papillon Building LLC has filed plans with the city to install a kitchen, fixtures and tables for the Outsider restaurant, by Chef Ian Wingate. Outsider restaurant is to be the first tenant in the $80 million Papillon Towers development.

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Raising the Bar & the Skyline
Nov 14 2019

The opportunity zone program lets investors roll over capital gains from other investments into an opportunity zone fund, allowing those investors to avoid capital gains taxes for a decade.

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Term Sheet

First Closing Date

  Dec 15, 2019 (accepting funds)
Fund Size   $40 Million
Total Construction Value   $109 Million
Target LTC %   65%
Minimum Investment   $500,000 (may be adjusted on a case by case basis)
Investment Period   10 years + (4) 1-year sponsor options
Management Fees   2% 2020, 2% 2021, 1% 2023
Hurdle Rate   8%
Catch Up   50%
Carried Interest   30%

Income Distribution Waterfall

Extended Income Distribution Flow Chart

Tax Advantaged Benefits

One of the benefits of the Papillon Fund is its tax advantaged status to qualified investors. OZ benefits are available to individuals and organizations that have recognized capital and 1231 gains within 180 days of fund closing date. The Papillon Fund is a mixed fund, allowing investment of both Opportunity Zone qualifying investments and non-Opportunity Zone qualifying investments.  

By many of the metrics, Papillon Towers should not be considered OZ, but instead is the perfect culmination of locale, community effort toward improvement, and connectivity. Our team will help you determine if Opportunity Zone tax benefits are available to you.

 What are the Benefits of Opportunity Zones?

    Defer Capital Gains
  • Capital gain taxes on disposed of investment are deferred up to 2026

    Tax Reduction of

    Capital Gains

  • Capital Gains are reduced by 10% if gain money is invested for 5 years. Gains are reduced an additional 5% if gain money is invested for 7 years
  • Cutoff date for 10% reduction: December 31st, 2021

   Note: Assumes that no acceleration event has occurred

    Tax Elimination
  • The most substantial tax incentive offered.  If investments in opportunity zone fund are held for at least 10 years and interest in qualified opportunity zone fund is sold, all taxes on gains from the sale of that interest are eliminated
  • After 10 years, if interst in opportunity zone fund is sold, tax basis will be adjusted to fair market value at disposition


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