Remitly Knows What We're About
Oct 16 2019

We've been found out! Remity cited Spokane’s strong job market, workforce, low cost of operations and livability as reasons for expanding its operations to the region.

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Color Going Up
Oct 15 2019

Great story from KREM 2 News on our Papillon Towers Development. We couldn’t be more excited about what this project will do for Spokane.

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Supporting the Right Thing
Oct 14 2019

As property owners and developers, Selkirk Development has an innate sense of duty with the urban forestry initiative and supporting our climate and beautifying our City.    

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"Everybody Needs Somebody"
Oct 07 2019

Hoping the trend becomes more commonplace, Fresh Soul is part of the transformation of Spokane; lending necessary training to youths 14-18, teaching them to change their trajectory in life, and serving up delicious food.

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For Freelancers, We're No. 1
Oct 02 2019

In order to make things easier for current or aspiring freelancers, created a ranking of the best cities in the country to live and work as a freelancer. And guess who is at the TOP?!

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Never Before Seen Views
Sep 20 2019

A key thing about the new pavilion’s layout is elevation. People will get the chance to see 360 degrees of Spokane’s downtown, Riverfront Park and the Spokane River from 40 feet up.

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A Butterfly Themed Makeover
Sep 19 2019

Selkirk Development announced plans to rename the building ‘The Papillon,’ which is French for butterfly; and Artist Ben Joyce will adorn the building with a vibrant, eye-catching mural.

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Re-Opening of Light Display
Sep 08 2019

Renovations took seven years to complete and cost $24 million; and features an open lawn, portable stage and 360-degree viewing platform, among other additions.

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Productizing the Housing Industry
Sep 03 2019

Many bold initiatives in prefabricated housing come and go every generation. Reading Katerra's case study about their K90 Building Project, this time things actually might be different. 

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Olli Fleet Challenge
Sep 02 2019

If Spokane is chosen, the vehicle will run between the Rotary Fountain in Riverfront Park and the newly installed butterfly at the north end of the promenade - at Papillon.

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Insider's Guide to the Inland NW 2019
Aug 26 2019

Looking for the best things in the Inland Northwest? The scoop on everything Spokane has to offer; from industry, development, our parks, local schools, food & wine, to transportation, hobbies, and so much more. 

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