You had us at mac and cheese
Dec 08 2019

Lots of new life coming to Spokane with a Texas themed bar, a newly built brewery off Gardner and Ash, and an addition to the River Park Square food court.

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Getting from A to B
Dec 03 2019

A 3D-printed, self-driving vehicle could be here this winter. Olli is a transportation upgrade unlike anything Spokane has ever had before.

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The Otis becomes Hotel Indigo
Dec 02 2019

Located just blocks away from Selkirk Dev, the Hotel Indigo gives new life to west downtown. We happen to know of some fantastic coffee, bread, and retail close by for hotel guests! 

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Eliminating Visual Barriers
Nov 21 2019

"Without looking at the buildings themselves, I think the most important part of this project is the connectivity, so our goal is to blur the line between public and private." says Jackson

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Raising the Bar & the Skyline
Nov 14 2019

The opportunity zone program lets investors roll over capital gains from other investments into an opportunity zone fund, allowing those investors to avoid capital gains taxes for a decade.

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Roadway Changes Approved
Oct 29 2019

The long list of amenities at the future sports complex adds up to a 180,000 sqft building projected to host top-tier athletic tournaments, and draw 20,000 vistiors annually.

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The Best is Yet to Come
Oct 28 2019

The Papillon Towers is a privately funded project under Opportunity Zone legislation. Opportunity Zones were created to revitalize communities using private investments rather than taxpayer dollars.

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