Riverfront Park Northbank Adds
Mar 06 2020

There is more construction in progress for Riverfront Park in the heart of Spokane. Four Northbank additions will add places to sit and play for all ages. 

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Attractive to Out of Towners
Feb 14 2020

The city is currently the most competitive housing market in the country. Spokane has all of the basics you would want in a city, but at a great price.

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Visions for Downtown Stadium
Feb 11 2020

"When Spokane works best is when we work together." Spokane County Treasurer Baumgartner speaks of efforts toward a downtown football and soccer stadium.

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Expanding Horizons for Entrepreneurs
Jan 16 2020

Spokane offers immense talent to companies, as a hub for higher education. The community continues to grow with talent, skills, drive and startup companies are thriving here, because they can.  

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Renovations Underway
Jan 12 2020

Papillon Building LLC has filed plans with the city to install a kitchen, fixtures and tables for the Outsider restaurant, by Chef Ian Wingate. Outsider restaurant is to be the first tenant in the $80 million Papillon Towers development.

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A City on the Rise
Dec 25 2019

Spokane’s dining scene – once mostly meat and potatoes, burgers and fries, and national chains – is coming into its own. From countless breweries, to boutique coffee shops, to chef-driven eateries, our community is rapidly stepping up.

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US Track and Field Indoor Master's
Dec 12 2019

The Sportsplex will have the ability to host at least 16 sports and seat 4,000. It was announced that the 2022 U.S Indoor Track and Field Master's Championships will take place at the facility in March 2022.

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A top 50 city to start a business in 2020
Dec 12 2019

With a top rated university business program, the 3rd fastest growing construction job market in the country, and a place where logistics and manufacturing companies thrive; Spokane earns another accolade. 

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Spokane Sportsplex Breaks Ground
Dec 11 2019

Selkirk was fortunate to be part of the official ground breaking of the Spokane Sportsplex. This amazing facility is just one of the big things coming to our city in the next couple years.

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Craft Beers Coming to West Downtown
Dec 10 2019

"The opportunity to start a brewery in Spokane is way more enticing...When a brewery comes in, it raises up the area, and this area is already starting to come up." says co-owner Bret Gordon.

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