Spokane Chef Ricky Webster Announces Opening of Rind and Wheat
Aug 26 2020

Ricky Webster is turning the negative of the coronavirus pandemic into a positive: The Spokane chef and culinary specialist is on track to open Rind and Wheat, his specialty cheese shop and bakery, in Selkirk Development's Dormitory Building located on the edge of historic Browne’s Addition and West Downtown.

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We're Predicting Success
Apr 27 2020

It's as if this Forbes Real Estate writer knows Selkirk and exactly what we are skilled at bringing to our community. So many of our plans involve larger, open spaces, boutique buildings, and private roof decks. 

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We will
Apr 24 2020

We will...make music; create art; cheers beers; roast coffee together; support local shops; play, gather, and complete on the street; parade; and share good news... again. Selkirk Development continues our diligence in building a safe and strong Spokane.

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Tradition and great pride
Apr 06 2020

Sharing a courtyard with Selkirk's Papillon Towers, the Spokane Sportsplex is currently under construction and will offer so much to the City. This is just one reason we love Spokane! Click to see why.

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slivers of a silver lining
Apr 02 2020

When the gears of the economy grind to the halt, the federal government pours on the oil. Locally, let's use the same prescription. Invest in permanent improvements now, we have lower construction costs and will boost the local economy.

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Strengthening Our Community
Mar 22 2020

Selkirk Dev is keeping informed of how to help our community. The Paycheck Protection Prgm provides working capital to any small business suffering economic fallout from COVID-19. Also, check out the resource list available in our main menu.

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Region dedicated to wellbeing
Mar 18 2020

As part of the 2020 Fittest Cities in America awards, both Spokane and our neighboring Coeur d'Alene top their states as the most fitness friendly cities.

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Riverfront Park Northbank Adds
Mar 06 2020

There is more construction in progress for Riverfront Park in the heart of Spokane. Four Northbank additions will add places to sit and play for all ages. 

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Attractive to Out of Towners
Feb 14 2020

The city is currently the most competitive housing market in the country. Spokane has all of the basics you would want in a city, but at a great price.

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